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NO.88 08.14.2013

Slavoj Zizek Appointed Eminent Scholar


Slavoj Zizek will conduct joint research, deliver special lectures, and take part in various academic events as an Eminent Scholar at Kyung Hee. 

Slavoj Zizek, a scholar of a wide range of topics including psychoanalysis, cultural criticism, and Hegelianism, has been invited to join Kyung Hee’s faculty as an Eminent Scholar. He is expected to contribute to the advancement of Kyung Hee’s humanities education and level of research. Through the Eminent Scholar system, world-renowned scholars are invited to Kyung Hee to help build the foundations for joint research and to provide students with opportunities to gain access to world-class academics.    

In addition to conducting a joint study with Professor Taek Kwang Lee of the School of Global Communication, Professor Zizek will also participate in academic events and deliver a special lecture in September called “Capitalism, Ideology, and Technology” during his time at Kyung Hee. With regard to the joint study, Professor Lee said, “The research will be focused on issues related to Korean society. In particular, we will study a variety of topics regarding the Korean peninsula where communism and capitalism coexist. This joint study will serve as an opportunity for Koreans to apply international perspectives of Korean society on domestic research.“ He noted that the lecture will be followed up by a series of seminars and roundtables on the modernization process of North and the South Korea.    

The relationship between Kyung Hee and Professor Zizek dates back to June 27, 2012 when he delivered a lecture entitled “What is to be done for politics?” at the 2012 University Lecture. An audience of over 3,500 filled Kyung Hee’s Grand Peace Hall for this lecture. According to Professor Lee, “Zizek, who had been deeply interested in Korean society, was encouraged by the response of the audience at his 2012 lecture to accept our invitation as an Eminent Scholar.”  


Slavoj Zizek is a world-renowned scholar known for creatively interpreting the theories of Jacques-Marie-Emile Lacan, Karl Heinrich Marx, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and introducing a new theory of philosophy. He has drawn attention from the public for his critical view on the capitalist system and the integration of popular cultural phenomena and political theories into philosophy. Zizek expressed his views on present-day politics by commenting on the 9.11 terrorist attacks in the US, the war in Iraq, and the financial crisis. He is also an activist who participated in the Occupy Wall Street protest movement.


Translated by Ji Eun Song · Edited by Karen Choi

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